SEAL - Seniors Learning Value

Contract nr. 2019-1-IT01-KA202-007593

SEAL -Seniors’ Learning Value is an ERASMUS+ KA2 Project aimed at designing and experimenting, with new methods, the recruitment and training of trainers and mentors among senior workers, who can thus develop skills and competences according to a personalized learning pathway and act as a learning facilitator with potential empowered functions in peer and informal learning processes in SME-Small & Medium-sized Enterprises- and in Feedback Loop Systems .

The SEAL project is aimed to emerge the know-how represented by senior workers, that is to say workers with a very advanced levels of technical competences, that can be strategically employed to facilitate and strengthen the processes of in-company training and/or work-based learning for different potential beneficiaries

More information can be found in the Press Release from the UPB website platform.